Ottawa Magazine 

"The result of his process and singing style is a caring and carefully-orchestrated blend of alt-pop and rock that ranges from infectious and radiant to introspective and character-driven. Open-hearted personal anthems of the displaced manage to hold on and shimmer next to sweeter summer rock songs. The arc of the album is heightened by occasionally darker, experimental flourishes and slow drones that show off renewed musical maturity and focused artistic direction"

Couch Assassin 

"Watchful Creatures is a journey that is never static, featuring the sunny vibes of tracks like “Lay down and dry” and “Me and the radical,” alongside the soulful “Deep dark underground,” mournful “Forever Kathleen” and ambient “Awkward life,” together striking a happy balance between distinctiveness among the parts and cohesiveness as a whole."

Ottawa Showbox

"The songs leave the listener wanting, each one is a carefully crafted work on its own, and adds something special to the album as a whole. For me, not knowing what to expect from song to song is a secret joy that makes listening to an album front to back exciting"

The Overcast 

 "’s pretty hard to place the album in a neat little category, i.e folk, pop, rock, soundscape, whatever.  I personally love it when a record bounces around a bit and keeps the listener on their toes"

New Canadian Music

 "[Jon and Jamie] scrupulously analyzed and perfected each performance, and the result is an  uncommonly   bold confident and fully realized debut release."


"Hynes has quiet confidence and witty charisma as a frontman and storyteller; it's no wonder he's out there making a good name for himself." 


Jon Hynes Press Kit