Making his own 4-track recordings in his basement just made Hynes a normal teenager growing up in Newfoundland.  When you’re recording yourself it’s beneficial to play more than one instrument; Hynes taught himself to play everything in the house. That jack-of-all trades approach has served him well when making his debut album ‘Watchful Creatures’ with producer/engineer James Bunton (Ohbijou, Donovan Woods).  Working again with Bunton on his upcoming sophomore album ‘Cardinal Giant,’ Hynes enlisted some help from Ottawa’s finest musicians (Martin Charbonneau, Pat Johnson, Rolf Klausner) to help create an energetic and live sounding recording.  This collaboration has resulted in an uncommonly bold, confident and fully realized follow up to 2014s ‘Watchful Creatures’.

Hynes’ sound cannot be easily be pinned down as he draws from many influences and takes a lot from fellow musicians with whom he has played with over the past 15 years; bands like Hey Rosetta! The Hidden Cameras, Kathleen Edwards, Donovan Woods, Evening Hymns, and Jim Bryson.  His approach to song writing has been cemented in story telling from different perspectives while always striving for unique ways to create and manipulate his sound with both edge and beauty.

"A brilliant songsmith as much a hook-smith, Jon Hynes bridges the gap between Paul Westerberg and shimmering 70's pop. An incredible talent."  -  Arboretum Festival

"Given his background in music, it’s no surprise his first official solo debut shines." - The Overcast